Engineering approach is a key success factor in the 21st century

We are engineers inspired by people and technology. Our specialization is developing complex software systems for international companies from idea to implementation. Our experience is based on digital transformation of numerous business from different industries, developing and implementation of tailor-made software based on the recent technologies. In each business case we were focused on providing up-to-date components with modern architecture for the business, that will be easy to use, change and maintain.


The core of our technology is Arina – an artificial intelligence that translates natural language to source code, builds applications and deploys them to servers, smart sensors and user devices. It is a new way to manage information that your business needs – just describe in a structured way what you want and Arina creates and delivers applications wherever they would be used:

Arina is a result of comprehensive study of different spheres – economy, biology, mathematics, physics, chemistry, economics, computer engineering, artificial intelligence, neural networks, and linguistics. Together with a group of university professors we are conducting constant research in artificial intelligence and natural languages to make our system better, tune it to the highest requirements of our customers and make it fully personalized.

Dramatically simpler and quicker than NOCODE and LLM approaches.

Naturally works on existing infrastructure.

Current approaches

Arina’s way

Texts in natural language that describe all aspects of the system - business logic, software architecture, UI and API, infrastructure configuration.

Arina reads these texts, builds multilayer semantic model and writes programming code on fly - accordingly to business requirements, user preferences and
infrastructure configuration.


Expected results

Usually 80% programming code of business applications do not contain complex calculations and can be easily automatically written by Arina.


You can find more details about our research of AI and NLP in the our science articles:


Slava Zemlianskyi,
Software Engineering Manager with 20+ years experience in development of
software for Finance, Marketing, Management, Education, Agriculture, E-
commerce, Telecoms and Entertainment

Oleksandr Marchenko,
Doctor of Science (Physics and Mathematics), Full Professor, Professor at the
Mathematical Informatics Department of the Faculty of Computer Science and
Cybernetics of Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv with 20+ years
experience in Research and Development projects in the area of Arti cial
Intelligence and Computational Linguistics

Yevhen Prorok,
Senior technology strategist with 20+ years transforming businesses
through tech innovation. Expertise in launching high-tech ventures in
different industry sectors.

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